Tolka house

The Tolka House is situated next to the Botanic Gardens in Dublin’s Glasnevin, and therefore when L’Estrange Designs were hired to complete a renovation of the lounge, the main inspiration was that of plant life. The space had formerly been beige and dark mahogany, so we brought in a new colour palette of deep, rich teal tones, and a scheme of luxe leathers and velvets. A previous floor of peach tiles and carpet, was replaced by rustic timber tiles and patterned bar surround. The furniture was all raised to bar level height, and the plans reconfigured to encourage a sociable customer area and encourage both conversation and business. A feature herringbone tiled table top, in emerald and white, forms a communal zone next to the main bar counter. Planting was introduced throughout, injecting life into the venue and rooting the Tolka House in it’s city garden location.