Tara Building

The Tara Building is not only the home of L’Estrange Designs, since the co-working offices opened in 2017, but also a space that we helped to design and create an expansion of. In 2018 we undertook the redesign of the ground floor of the building, which had previously been a gallery and event space.

Our design stemmed from the already established brand, and added new bespoke elements to that. We wanted to create a well functioning office space, complete with a variety of desk types and seating areas, phone booths, two person informal meeting pods and micro-kitchen. Bespoke joinery and detailing reflects the angled lines of the Tara logo, and a unique, open divider keeps the work space separate from reception. A feature mural, designed by Decoy, adds life and vibrancy into the space and reflects our colourful community.