Ruin Bar

Located on 33 Tara Street, Ruin Bar is the second branch of the Camden Exchange group and was designed by L’Estrange Designs. Situated in the former Mac Turcaill’s pub, the concept and interior was inspired by Budapest’s famous Ruin pubs. With a heavy focus on creating bespoke pieces from salvage materials and integrating the works of local graffiti artists, Ruin Bar aspires to bring a new creative twist to the Dublin bar scene. Our role included reconfiguring the premises, with a new opened up layout to encourage an easier flow for customer experience and ease of service. We salvaged much of the previous pub, and used many of the elements as feature cladding, and dividers, to be both sustainable and true to the spirit of the Ruin Bars. With a thriving, buzzy atmosphere, the business has a well established place on the city centre venues of Dublin.