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Work with our team at L’Estrange Designs to create the beautiful home you’ve always wanted. With this online service you can now get the professional design advice you want online, anytime, anywhere.

How it works & what you get

L'Estrange Designs Online Design Service - Initial-Concepts-and-design

1. Two Initial Concepts

L'Estrange Designs Online Design Service - Message-with-your-designer

2. Message with your designer

L'Estrange Designs Online Design Service - Final-Design

3. Final Design

L'Estrange Designs Online Design Service - Floor-Plan-and-Setup-Instructions

4. Floor Plan & Setup Instructions

L'Estrange Designs Online Design Service - Shopping-List

5. Shopping List

L'Estrange Designs Online-design-service-initial-concepts

Initial Concepts

At the beginning of the design process we will set up a video call to narrow down the key ideas and references to create moodboards. The video meeting ensures that the design direction reflects the client brief. During this call we can be virtually walked through the space that is being re-done and get a better understanding of the style and goals for the project. After the call we will then set about creating two concept boards for the client.


After getting the initial concept boards you will then have time to talk these through with our design team. You will let us know your feedback on the concepts and instruct us to make any changes to the design. After this point, the lead designer will take over your project and produce the final design boards.
The amount of time allotted for team discussion will depend on the package you have chosen.
L'Estrange Designs Online-Design-Service-Message-with-Team-members
L'Estrange Designs Online-Design-Service-Final-Design


This is the stage where you receive your finalised design boards. These are based on all the feedback you’ve given so far and show you what your final space will look like with your chosen products. 


The final design package will include the floor plan drawing with a layout and directions on placement of the items on your shopping list. This will also in- clude a scope of works for you to follow so you know whether it’s best to start with painting, flooring or furniture, depending on the level of works for your room.
We can also recommend tradesmen for the different jobs if needed in your design.
L'Estrange Designs Online-design-service-Floor-Plan-and-setup-instructions
L'Estrange Designs Online-design-service-Shopping-list


We will put together an itemised list of the pieces to be bought. We have a number of discount codes that can be used and we’ll include these along with the links to items so the process is as easy as clicking a button!

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The best way for us to design your dream space is to get to know the styles you love and the ones you don’t. Contact us and we will send you our specialised quiz that will help us create a space that suits your particular style.


Pricing & Packages

Whether you’re looking for a quick consultation for some creative direction on colours or a complete over- haul we have different packages to suit your needs.

Still have questions?

If there’s still something you’d like more information on or if you’re not sure which package suits your needs, get in touch and we can discuss what would work best for your particular project.