Cava is the most recent branch of the Port House Group, and it brings a new and unique interior experience to the brand. It balances the rustic finishes of traditional Spanish design, with an injection of eye-catching vibrancy, to reflect the energetic life of rich Spanish culture. A strong palette of wine, teal and mustard occupy the first two floors, with a surprising interjection of blush pink on the top floor. Colour blocking was of importance in this design, as the intention was to create multiple experiences within the one venue. We want guests to connect with their favourite space, and book to dine in their chosen zone.

Using the rustic brick, ombré walls are a striking feature across a few of the areas within Cava. The reflection of light against these walls creates an almost whimsical, yet intimate space. Another key feature are the encaustic cement bar tiles, which stand centre stage upon entering, using our key colour palette but with a 70s design twist.