The Camden Exchange

The Camden Exchange was completed in 2015 by Jill L’Estrange (of L’Estrange Designs). The brief was to create an innovative space all about the exchange of ideas, providing customers with a fun, creative and inclusive environment. The design pays close attention to detail, with a focus on craftmanship, creativity and atmosphere.

The idea for the design stemmed from the steampunk movement, and a take on the industrial revolution. Elements of cogs can be seen through the premises, and form a central part of the feature mural, painted by the talented Kinmx. Many bespoke design elements were undertaken, including a bespoke piped bar front, and even beer taps to match.

The main conversation piece however is the vintage Citroen van, which was refurbished on site to become a fully functioning kitchen internally, inspired by the street food movement. 72-73 Camden Street has been a bank, film set (for the RTÉ series ‘RAW’), watchmaker’s studio, restaurant and is now home to The Camden Exchange.