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Jill L’Estrange

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Jill is the founder and owner of L’Estrange Designs. With a passion for design and love of all things creative, Jill’s projects have been featured in The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, Lovin’ Dublin, VIP Magazine, Image Magazine, and The Irish Mirror.

After receiving a First Class Honours Degree in Architecture from University College Dublin, Jill worked for the following year as an architect in both Paris and Beijing. Following that, she gained valuable experience in high-end residential property development and project management in London, before eventually returning to Dublin and working in a New Homes property team as a Design and Market Analyst. During this period, Jill took the opportunity to complete a higher diploma in Interior Design from the Dublin Institute of Design, qualifying with Distinction.

Her rounded knowledge of the built environment, property and design, mean that Jill brings a unique perspective to each of her design projects. Inspired by travel and the International design community, she aspires to bring fresh, new and exciting ideas to Ireland.

Based in Blackrock, Dublin, Jill uses the opportunity of running her own firm to also foster dogs from the DSPCA, a cause which she cares about greatly.

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Jill L'Estrange
Founder / Interior Designer
Jill established L'Estrange Designs in 2015 in order to pursue her love of the design world.
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L’Estrange Designs

About the Company

Founded in 2015 by Jill L’Estrange, L’Estrange Designs is a company dedicated to creating unique and thought provoking interiors. We strive to achieve the best from any given spaces, and aim for originality in everything we do. Specialising in hospitality design, we keep track of industry trends and standards, and we ensure to bring something new and eye-catching to the table for each scheme. Getting people talking and grabbing their attention is what we are about.